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What to do to prepare printing and encoding with the XID8300 in combination with BM or the CPM

With this printer it is not enough to install the printer driver.
You also have to install "Edisicure Administration Center"
This can be obtained via the website of edisecure.
Go to and select "Academy" on the right top.
. Username:   usermat
. Password:   matuser
Then select "Library". In the Library open "Product technical" then open "EDIsecure connect --> Driver" and select "EdiSecure connect v2.3.6446 Setup" and download this.
Install and open the "Edisecure Administration Center" and select the new printer.
As address for the USB set the port number (usually = 1)

Now you have 2 instances of the XID8300: XID8300 U1 and XID8300 (DS).
You have to use the XID8300 (DS) and you have to anable the encoding and other settings which you normally do in the printer driver in this (DS) version.
If you already set the printer settings in the XID8300 U1, you have to do it again for the (DS) version.

From BM or the CPM you have to select the XID8300 (DS) for printing and encoding !!

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