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How can I configure the Share server

First of all you have to know the IP number of the PC/server on which the Share client is installed.
This can be obtained in the following way:
1: Control pannel --> Network and sharing center
2: Connections: Local Area Connection (Click on it)
3: Click on "Detail" button
4: Then it is the IP4 address

This IP4 address has to be filled in in the BadgeMaker server fill in this address in the settings tab.
Also fill in a port number (e.g. the default 8899).

If you want to check if the poort number is available, you can do the following:
Start a command prompt: Windows + R --> cmd.
Then type netstat –a and press enter.
Now you get a list with the used port numbers.

Enable this port number:
1: Control Panel-->Windows Firewall
2: Advanced settings --> Inbound rules --> new rule
3: Choose Port --> Next
4: Fill in the desired port number
5; Choose all connections.
6: enable: Private; Domain; Public
7: choose name BM Share
8: Save

Now you can connect with BadgeMaker Share from another workstation.

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